Co-hosts Nick and Ray are two English teachers working in Fukuoka, Japan. Having a combined 15 years of English teaching experience between them in Japan alone, Nick and Ray have enjoyed great success in the field of language instruction.

Both Nick and Ray work at the central Fukuoka branch of IAC Academy of Language and Overseas Study, a school that prides itself on going the extra mile in service of its students. Many months prior the start of the English with Nick and Ray podcast (ENR) a number of IAC teachers had met to discuss ways to provide their students with resources for further study. Among the many ideas that were mentioned, producing a resource for additional listening practice was very high up on the list. Indeed, Nick and Ray, who both teach at the Tenjin school in the middle of the city, a location that caters only to busy adult learners, felt that their students in particular would benefit from a resource that could be obtained easily, such as a podcast that could be downloaded directly onto a smartphone or tablet. As they discussed it further it became clear that doing a podcast had the most potential. IAC quickly invested in some recording equipment and ENR was born.

Primarily, the goal of ENR is to provide listening practice to students studying at IAC in Tenjin. The topics covered on the show will therefore be mostly relevant to students who are currently studying with Nick or Ray. ENR will also feature further explanations of topics Nick and Ray’s students have found difficult to learn in class or direct answers to their questions. Students may on occasion even be invited to participate as guests on the show.

Although the show is geared towards IAC students, please know that ENR is for everyone and anyone who is interested in studying English and could use some extra listening practice. The success and usefulness of this podcast will depend heavily on audience feedback, so please feel free to leave comments and suggestions!

We look forward to serving you.

SPECIAL THANKS: to Christopher Hawes, the creator of the ENR Podcast theme music!